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Mauro Ventola, NLP TRAINER. He is the youngest Italian pioneer and innovator in the field of NLP. At 25, he is already the Author of 7 books on NLP with four different publishers, to which contributed 8 renown psychologists-psychotherapists of different schools of psychology in the Italian scenery. Since 2013, he actively collaborates with the Italian Institute of Psychosynthesis (the non-profit corporation founded by Roberto Assagioli) and in 2015 he become a member of the Group of Studies and Researches in Psychosynthesis. In June 2015 he was one among a hundred presenters at the International Transpersonal Festival Feeding The Soul, organized by the Integral Transpersonal Institute and the European Transpersonal Association. In the NLP domain, his work is about to bring the NLP field toward a more humanistic, existential and transpersonal vision and commitment, generating high-quality trainings and products, to reintroduce NLP in the contemporary debate opened by the Transpersonal Movement on the future of the world. From a personal level, his Intent is to work with Truth, Wisdom and Heart to serve as a catalyst to allow “some special people” to wake up, recognize their unique Life Call, and save the world.

Some of the main areas of Mauro’s work are:

  • State Management
  • Elicitation of Talent (i.e.: Unique Ability)
  • Transpersonal Decision-Making
  • Ontological Leadership
  • Discover “Your Life Call”
  • Sustainable Performance
  • NLP for Evolution and Transformation
  • Generative Interventions
  • Existential Coaching
  • Self-Integration and Self-Expression
  • Transformative Language
  • Culture Change
  • Sense of Directionality and Purpose
  • Self-Actualization and Human Potential


  • Ventola, Mauro (2016), Toward an NLP of Being, Armando Editore, Rome.
  • Ventola, Mauro (2015), The Way of Personal Transformation, Sperling & Kupfer, Milan.
  • Ventola, Mauro (2015), Decide from Being, Iemme Edizioni, Naples.
  • Ventola, Mauro (2014), Generative NLP, Bruno Editore, Rome.
  • Ventola, Mauro (2014), Effective Decisions, Bruno Editore, Rome.
  • Ventola, Mauro (2013), NLP 3.0, Bruno Editore, Rome.
  • Ventola, Mauro (2013), Find your Talent, Bruno Editore, Rome.
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