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NFNLP's International Directory is updated bi-monthly as we receive current information from our members. If you are a current, paid member of NFNLP and you are not listed, please contact us at (941) 408-8551 or email us at

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Hypnotherapists, like other health professionals, need to continually hone, refine and practice their skills. Hypnosis 's Hypnotherapists section is designed to give you professional resources to explore and expand your knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Visit their site now!

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of Trainer Separation

Mohammed Rafi of NLP Training World, India is no longer affiliated with NFNLP. Please note that any offered trainings with NFNLP, USA after September 21, 2015 are false and invalid.

* NFNLP reserves the right to revoke NLP Certification.

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Venice (Ramada Inn)

October 12-16, 2015

NLP/NGH Train the Trainer Course

You can become an NGH Certified Instructor if you are a NGH Member and have been in practice for more than one year. Call for criteria, application and full details NGH Headquarters (603) 429-9438 or Email:

You can become a NFNLP Trainer if you are a Certified NFNLP Master Practitioner.
NFNLP Telephone: (941)408-8551

Burlington, Ontario
Burlington Holiday Inn & Conference Centre +1 (905) 639-4443

October 23-25, 2015

Speaker Saturday - Topic - Addictions

Telephone: (905) 639-4443

Toronto, Ontario
Ontario Hypnosis Centre

October 26-28, 2015 (post - Canadian Hypnosis Conference)

NLP Master Practitioner Course

Telephone: (416) 489-0333

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