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We recently completed the NLP Life Coaching, and in this case the NLP stands for No Limit People. The people who took the course were amazed at the content (New material never taught before) new applications and new breakthroughs were had, so now we are ready to announce the next level..NLP LIFE COACHING, Weight Loss and Physical Focus!

I am very excited about the upcoming NLP LIFE COACH, Weight and Physical Focus, this course is new and different as it is about developing the LIFE You Desire, not just fixing a problem, most coaching is focused on fixing a specific problem, this course can do that. However it is much broader as we focus on the underlying issues.

It is not what you eat, it is whats eating you! Food as an addiction.

As someone who has treated addictions for 35 years, I understand food can be an addiction, BUT the treatment has to be radically different! You can live the rest of your life and not drink, or use drugs (or gamble or watch porn) but you have to eat. When I hear some of the methods I am shocked and appalled as they focus on food. Food and weight is a symptom not the cause. By focusing on food, what to eat, what not to eat, it make the problem 100X worse!

I have coached lots of hypnotists, NLPers, therapists, and even nutritionists for this issue and have developed new and more powerful techniques as it gives you new insights and tools I rarely share (unless pay me tens of thousands of dollars).

I am heart broken with the people I know, in the field and others who have that hole in their soul, they may feel like frauds, they stop themselves from getting the life they desire.

When you're not at your physical best you feel like a fraud, do you not? Stop this insanity.
You dream of great things, you try, you study, you pray you meditate to little avail.
It is not your fault, few people know the methods that can help you overcome. Some just do it but can't teach you as they don't know how, others hold back the information, or give glimpses to get you hooked and paying more and more. Finally certain organizations do not really want people to be happy, joyous and free. Check your heart you know it is true.

I have been there and in the last 35 years have done and studied what works in addictions recovery, trauma recovery, elite performance, and internal motivation, the what make people find and accept success. Let's break these old barriers together.

Join me for
Weight Loss and Physical Focus!

I hope you decide to join the kickoff group. It will be an experience of depth and your life will never be the same again....

This time we will do live session twice a week for 6 weeks, which will be recorded for you to review or to check if you miss a session.

We decided to start NOW as most people wait till after the holidays, when we really know if you start now you not only stop the holiday gain, you get a jumpstart on the new year with a new you.

Special Holiday price of $795 USD

Classes start Halloween (since we are all scared of this issue) Tuesday and Thursday at 12 noon Eastern, with NO classes the week of November 13 due to my teaching a NGH Hypnosis Train the Trainer course (plus NLP Trainer certification if qualified).... but we will have special things for you to do... so you get even more than you can get.... more than you expect!

Also we will have a special event on Thanksgiving, so you can experience growth, well actually shrinkage, beyond your dreams!

NLP Life Coach for Weight - Published on Oct 24, 2017

This cutting edge NLP Life Coach course will focus on weight issues. Many people battle weight their entire lives, why? Knowing is not doing and one must reprogram deeply to overcome this issue. Dr. Horton is the world's leading expert in addiction treatment using NLP and Hypnosis. Check this out...

Video Resource Library

Secrets of Elite Trainers - Published on Oct 1, 2017

What makes an Elite Trainer? What is the difference that helps you become the best teacher? Learn something here....

Markers of Failure - - Published on Jul 3, 2016

What are the markers of FAILURE as NLP and Hypnosis people? What causes less success?

Goals - Published on Mar 16, 2017

New info on GOALS and how to achieve them!


Accessing Greater Passion in Your Life - - Published on Jun 27, 2016

Dr. Will Horton shares some secrets about how your brain works and how you can access greater passion in your life now.

Bill Clinton Technique By Dr. William D. Horton

Rapport By Dr. William D. Horton

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NFNLP Archives
Literary Works



The Heart of Rapport and a Kodak Moment
By Rebecca Darling - 2012


February 2012. It’s cold and it’s the depth of the winter in the north. Heart month is right around the corner with Valentine’s Day and healthy heart month promoting positive lifestyle habits of exercise and nutrition for your heart. February wouldn’t be February without the marketers spin to celebrate the romantic and love holiday Valentine's day. Consider this time of year “the heart of rapport”. It’s just after New Year’s and those New Year’s resolutions may already be waning with the winter doldrums setting in. Connecting and engaging with people can be one of the fastest ways to spice up your life with rapport.

Our business communities have experienced huge shifts in how to navigate the business world and community. Adapting is today’s opportunity and change is occurring at an unprecedented rate. The key to the future is to be willing to adapt and view changes for what they really are. CAUTION. Do not be blinded by your belief... Click for full article.


Bridging Cultural Communication Gap with NLP
By Raymond W. Ng - 2011


Anyone who has done translation before will know that when a message is translated word for word, it sometimes loses its original meaning. Built into the meaning of any word in any language is a set of connotations and implications that is specific to that language and culture. Even within a language, the same word used in different contexts can have very different meanings.

Just as the meaning of a word varies with its context, the meaning of a phrase or sentence may also vary with the situation. For example, if a mother asks her six-year old daughter: “Have you had lunch yet?” she is probably trying to find out if her daughter needs nourishment. A young man asking a young lady the same question, at least in the Western culture, is offering an invitation for a date. In the Chinese culture, that question is simply a common greeting around noon time.

Thus, words are not the only component of a message. Other components include body language, expressions, tone and volume, pauses and silence, etc. All of these must be interpreted in context. In this respect, the Chinese and North American cultures are very similar. What is different between the two cultures is the relative weight of the spoken words when compared to other components of a message, and the extent to which the meaning of a message is influenced by its situation... Click for full article.


A Metaphor for Changing a Bad Habit (ie: Smoking)
By Susan Bliss - 2011

Farmer Brown looked out over his massive property and was glad in his heart. He loved to work the land and enjoyed the physical activity. He was in good shape and strong. His wife was proud of him and his abilities to maintain the farm and care for the animals. He loved his farm animals, which helped him with the work. He loved animals in general. This was also a modern farmer, who loved to occasionally surf the net. He found some interesting stories about animals. On one chat line, a man whom he often chatted with, told him about ferrets. He talked about how cool they were and how cool it was to have some as pets. In fact, they can help to irrigate the soil by the holes they dig.

Well, the farmer knew that ferrets were known to steal eggs, yet he wanted to keep this man as a friend and soon he had two ferrets. He put them in a cage and even put the fence down into the ground a foot to contain them he put a rotating cage in there that they ran around and around on. He and his buddy would watch them and laugh and enjoy the show. The ferrets could be trained to do some stunts, he said.

Well, soon the ferrets reproduced and there were babies. They began to outgrow the cage had provided, so he had to create a bigger one. The ferrets somehow got out of the cage, whether they dug a hole under the fence or squeezed through a weak place in the fence, to this day, he is not certain, but this much he does know, they began to wreck havoc on the farm. They stole the eggs from the chickens, breaking some, eating some. Feathers flew everywhere. The Ferrets also dug holes in the garden and destroyed his wife’s produce. They left an odor that his wife did not like. He fought with them and caught some and put them back in the cage and filled the hole and patched the fence, but they multiplied and continued to escape and continued to cause problems. His wife said that this was getting to be too much. She noticed her husband was getting fatigued trying to keep up with the Ferrets. Enough is enough, she said one day. You need to get rid of those. You just have to quit holding on to the idea... Click for full article.


NFNLP Archives
New Techniques



Accessing Higher Wisdom Technique
By Catherine Warner - 2012

I got the idea for this after watching the escalator technique on the video. I put my students in a light trance state with a drum.

I had them close their eyes (they were laying on the floor in various positions) feel completely relaxed, warm, supported, etc.

Now I want you to imagine that you are floating upwards, up out of the house. You can see the roof of the house and the tops of the trees around us. Up higher and you can feel a light mist on your face and it feels nice. Your body is so relaxed and comfortable, and your mind is out here in the sky, you might hear some night birds, and you keep rising higher and higher.

As you continue to rise you notice there are stars around you and it's very beautiful. You feel awed by this closet relationship to the heavens... Click for full article.


Absolute Best Version of Himself/Herself
By Anthony Rizk - 2011

  • Have the client step into a highly optimistic state, the absolute best version of him/herself and TOTALLY experience it VAKOG. (Anchor #1)

  • Have the client shrink that state into a VERY BRIGHT marble sized ball of light.

  • Break state

  • Have the client find the feeling inside that they don’t like. (I use Calvin Banyan’s “inside of you there’s a feeling you don’t like that has everything to do with why you came here to see me today. At the count of three, this feeling becomes so powerful, more powerful than it has ever been before…”) So, find the feeling, name the feeling, and locate it in the body. (Anchor #2)

  • Break state

  • Have the client place the ball of light (fire anchor #1) where that feeling is and allow it to gradually and powerfully expand while... Click for full article.


Athletic Swish
By Shawn Morgan - 2008

This technique is designed for compulsions or habits.

  1. Determine through information gathering, the compulsion or habit that the client wishes to eliminate.

  2. Have them relax, and ask if they have a favorite sport; preferably one with a ball, puck, etc. (we’ll use basketball as our example).

  3. Have the client picture the ball in front of them, and have them make it their own (color, texture, sound, etc.).

  4. Now have the client imagine a perfect image of their self, one that would never have that compulsion or habit.

  5. Have them picture that perfect self under the basket.

  6. Now, have them pick up the ball and think of that compulsion or habit and place it within the ball.

  7. Have them notice that the more they place that compulsion or habit within the ball, the more the ball grows becoming more colored, textured, louder, etc.

  8. Once the ball is getting too large to hold, have them take a shot noticing that the ball will naturally go into the hoop...
    Click for full article.

Upcoming 2017-2018 NFNLP Trainings


Georgina Cannon

Georgina Cannon, NFNLP Trainer

Click on photo to learn more about Georgina and additional trainings offered

NLP Basic Practitioner Certification Course
December 1-4, 2017

(* 4 Days - Minimum 40 total hours Classroom & Homework)
Toronto, ON, Canada
Telephone: (416) 487-3966


K. Aravamootham & Dr. Sumahi Narayanan

K. Aravamootham, NFNLP  Gold Master Trainer

Click on photo to learn more about K. Aravamootham

NLP Basic Practitioner Certification Course
December 2-3 & 16-17, 2017 (4 Days)

(* Minimum 40 total hours Classroom & Homework)
Chennai, India
Information: K. Aravamootham
Phone +91-9840103542
Or Contact: Dr. Sumathi Narayanan
Phone +91-9841014626

K. Aravamootham & Dr. Sumathi Narayanan

Dr. Sumathi Narayanan, NFNLP  Master Trainer

Click on photo to learn more about Dr. Sumathi Narayanan

Reena Jabran

Reena Jabran, NFNLP  Master Trainer

Click on photo to learn more about Reena Jabran.

NLP Basic Practitioner Certification Course
December 14-19, 2017 (6 Days - Non Residential)

(* Minimum 40 total hours Classroom & Homework)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Information: Krishna Vijay
Phone +91-94946-50077

NLP Basic Practitioner Certification Course
January 25-30, 2018 (6 Days - Non Residential)

(* Minimum 40 total hours Classroom & Homework)
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Information: Krishna Vijay
Phone +91-94946-50077

Seema Shenoy

Seema Shenoy, NFNLP Trainer

Click on photo to learn more about Seema Shenoy.

Certified Basic NLP Practitioner Course
January 12-13. 19-21, 2018

(5 Days - Non-Residential)
(*Minimum 40 total hours Classroom & Homework)

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Information / Register: +91 8971467610
E mail:


Indonesia - Bali

Rita Baki, NLP Master Trainer

Rita Baki, NLP Master Trainer

Click on photo to learn more Rita Baki and additional trainings offered.

The Magic of NLP Retreat in Bali
NLP Basic Practitioner Certification
Click for Description of The Magic of NLP Retreat in Bali
November 27 (Monday) to December 2 (Saturday), 2017

6 Days
Island of Bali, Indonesia
Registration: +971 4390 2217

The Magic of NLP Retreat in Bali

Beta Sugiarso, Trainer

BetaSugiarso, Trainer

Click on photo to learn more BetaSugiarso and additional trainings offered

NLP Master Practitioner Certification
December 28-31, 2017

4 Days
(* 4 Days - Minimum 40 total hours Classroom & Homework)
Purwokerto, Indonesia
Registration: 081903511800

Indonesia & Malaysia

Abdul Aziez, Gold Master Trainer

Abdul Aziez, Gold Master Trainer

Click on photo to learn more Abdul Aziez and additional trainings offered.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification
December 7-10, 2017

4 Days - Minimum 40 total hours Classroom & Homework
Bandung, Indonesia
Registration: NLP Consult Indonesia (NLPCI)
Phone:+62 811-373596 (SMS/WA/TG)

NLP Trainer Certification
December 13-17, 2017

5 Days - Minimum 40 total hours Classroom & Homework
Surabaya, Indonesia
Registration: NLP Consult Indonesia (NLPCI)
Phone:+62 811-373596 (SMS/WA/TG)


Anthony Rizk, Master Trainer

Anthony Rizk, Master Trainer

Click on photo to learn more Anthony Rizk and additional trainings offered

Life Coach Certification
November 25-26, December 2-3 & 9-10, 2017

* 6 Days - 3 weekends

For More Details:

Beirut, Lebanon
Information & Registration: +961 3 499262

Eliane Mezher, NFNLP Trainer

Eliane Mezher, NFNLP Trainer

Click on photo to learn more Eliane Mezher and additional trainings offered.

NLP Basic Practitioner Certificiation
Dates: January 23/24/25/26, 2018       From 6pm – 10pm
January 27-28, 2018         From 9 am- 4pm
January 30-31, 2018 and February 1-2, 2018         From 6pm – 10 pm.

For More Details: Click on Link for More Details

Beirut, Lebanon
Information & Registration: +961-3-218212


Azlan Chulan, Trainer

Azlan Chulan, NFNLP Trainer

Click on photo to learn more Azlan Chulan and additional trainings offered.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training
December 11-15, 2017
5 Days
Minimum 40 total hours (Classroom & Homework)

Click here for more information

Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor
QTF Consulting

REGISER NOW! Azlan Chulan
Tel/Fax: +017-666 5596
Cell: (+6) 019-387 9617

United Arab Emirates

Rita Baki, Master Trainer

Rita Baki, Master Trainer

Click on photo to learn more Rita Baki and additional trainings offered.

NLP Basic Practitioner Certification
December 8-9 & 15-16, 2017

4 Days - Minimum 40 total hours (32 Classroom & Homework)

For More Details: Click on Link for More Details

Dubai, UAE
Information & Registration: +971 4 3902217


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